Master Craftsmen

The master craftsman, the artist, is the one who, with the blows of his hammer, with the welding torches, with the burnishers and with the slide of the chisel makes the design appear from among the silver plates with strength and consistency. It is the master craftsman who, with all his experience and know-how achieves that a thousand-year-old trade is still nowadays fully relevant.

As circumstances require, the silversmith will apply a determined technique and esthetic. To the nobility of touch will be added the firmness of a process filled with abundant ideas. May it be a restoration or a work of new creation, the true master leaves his mark in each project through the perfect, harmonious and defined lines.

About Saint Eloi

The work of silver maintaining techniques from the distant past is a complicated and costly craft that requires a remarkable skill. Our silverware workshop uses all those artisanal techniques from centuries ago, that allow us to talk about our work as true traditional CRAFTS.

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